Vernon Manufacturing

Automatic Water Salesman

We're very proud of first generation units like the four shown below.  After years of use, they're still working.

Proudly manufactured in Gypsum, Kansas, USA  

712 Maple     Gypsum, KS  67448     P: 785.536.4412   F: 4452 - We prefer email

   Sell water day or night!


                                                                                           Stop giving water away!

The Automatic Water Salesman from Vernon Manufacturing delivers water with no attendant necessary.

Examples of the Vernon Manufacturing basic and upgraded units throughout the United States.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Be sure to call for the latest pricing.

Please read about the benefits our systems offer and the many options available.  All units are Flush-mount.  The unit shown below accepts Coins, Currency, Credit, and Prepaid cards.  

Building, piping, plumbing, and electrical supply by customer.

Please note:  Tariff issues have caused our costs to increase dramatically.  Not to worry.  I will eat the costs until January 1, 2019.

Before sending ITC Smart Card components in for repair, please call.