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Typical installation

  Stainless Steel Streetside Box is shown with Currency, Coin, and Prepaid Card acceptance.  Piping and mounting by customer.


Since 1956, Vernon Manufacturing in Gypsum, Kansas, has been helping cities all over the United States collect for bulk water sales. At a time when the “honor system” was the norm, our small-town city council realized the system was inaccurate and inadequate. Ten loads of water were leaving the city, and only one was being written down and paid for. The forward looking council called on our founder, Everett Vernon, to provide an economical and efficient solution to reverse this trend. After installation, revenue increased tenfold and the Automatic Water Salesman was born. In fact, this first machine was sold on March 31, 1956. It was replaced in 1967, a result of building upgrades by the city. That building was destroyed by an out of control car, and on March 31, 2016, the 4194th unit was sold to Gypsum. Exactly 60 years to the day.    

From those early days until the present, we have kept an accurate, extensive data base on over 4250 units.  Using this knowledge, we are able to help you with repairs; make suggestions on updates available; and help you “fix” your machine over the phone.  We do not design or install systems, but we have personally seen hundreds of our units in operation and can make educated recommendations to help you design yours. By the way, we've never seen 2 alike.  


Units in operation increase a city's income by stopping loss of revenue from unpaid water bills. Many rural water districts use the Automatic Water Salesman for the same reason, and to benefit those who are not on rural water.

The Automatic Water Salesman can be installed by maintenance personnel or local electrical and plumbing contractors.  

In your building, or in our Streetside Box, the controls and money are protected. The slow-closing solenoid controlled valve mounts in your water line and operates at any pressure.

Our basic systems meter water by time and are easily adjustable by the seller to deliver any amount of water desired. The solid-state design ensures years of trouble-free operation. More sophisticated systems record water delivery by the gallon. Some use pre-paid cards that can be set up like an account if desired.  The customer then pays on a billing cycle as determined by the city.


     Vernon Manufacturing can create custom configurations to fill the needs of your city:

              Flush-mount Systems:  Coins/Currency/Cards in any combination (our most popular units).

              Streetside Box:  Flush-mount; Freestanding or Wall Mounted; Painted or Stainless Steel.

              Key Switch Override: For fire department or city use.  No. 1 most popular options.

              Automatic Drain:  Prevents freeze up in cold weather.  No. 2 most popular option.

              Reusable Prepaid Cards:  No phone, internet, or radio connection is necessary.

              Bank Cards:  Our latest available option.  Cell phone service must be available.

              Multi-User Key System:  Individual accounts with the city; Freestanding.

              Valve sizes ranging from ½" - 4" (2" standard). Larger sizes are available.

              Choice Switch:  For units using two different size valves.

              Coin Counter:  Non-resettable to keep accurate track of money collected.

              Cross Connection Control Device (2” - 3” - 4”).

              Swivels:  Various sizes, materials, and configurations.

              Torsion Spring Counterbalanced Loading Arms. Various sizes and materials.

              Backflow Preventers.

              Pressure Reducing Valves.

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