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Cross Connection Control Device

Attaches to the fill end of the supply hose.  A 6" air gap prevents siphoning back into municipal water supply and cross connection between tanks.  The CCCD swivels and has an elevated section for tanks with hinged lids.  “T” Bolts are furnished for tanks with a flange.  Weighs less than 7 pounds.  2", 3", and 4" sizes available.  Aluminum.

Streetside Box

Controls are mounted in a 24" x 8" padlocking metal cabinet in either

painted or stainless steel.  The cabinet mounts to your existing poles,

or building, close to the delivery area for easy access.  Available with Currency; Coin; Smart Card; & Bank Card acceptors in any combination.

Flush-mount components are standard.

Typical mounting is shown with Currency, Coin, Card acceptance.

Mounting is by the customer.

Key Operated System

Operates without money.  A different key and totalizer for each user.  Up to 250 customers can be accommodated using auxiliary cabinets.  The first, and master, key box (shown) accepts from 10 to 50 clients in increments of 10.  More panels can be added easily.  Customers pay on a billing cycle determined by the City.  Customer can be locked out for non-payment.  Features "Keytrol" by Gasboy.    Lead time: 4/6 weeks.

Prepaid Smart Card System 

Customers purchase a card from the city.  An administrator encodes "money" onto the card.  The minimum sale is $1.00.  Money is deducted from the card

as used.  When the card runs out of money, the administrator adds more using the encoder.  Cities may choose to set up an "account" in lieu of pre-payment.

If the "account" is out of money--no more water until payment is made.

Available on Flush-mount and Streetside Box Systems and can be added to

newer multi-coin systems as an aftermarket upgrade.    Lead time: 3/5 weeks.

Swivel Joints

Allows the fill pipe to swing in any direction to accommodate different size trucks and tanks. does not maintain position.  Two of the most popular styles are shown.  Various materials and sizes.  Call for more information. MFR:  OPW.    Lead time: 2/4 weeks.

Backflow Preventers

Reduced pressure zone provides protection to a municipal water supply as required by local codes.  Does not provide protection between tanks.    MFR:  Watts.

Torsion Spring Loading Arms

Allows the fill pipe to rotate any direction.  A counterbalance maintains position while truck is loaded.  For even more flexibility, an additional swivel joint can be added to the end of the horizontal loading arm. 

MFR:  OPW.    Lead time: 3/5 weeks.

Shown with flanged fittings & Style 40 Swivel.

(Not included)

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Bank Card System 

Customers use their own bank cards (Visa/MC) much as they would at the gas pump.  Minimum sale is $1.00.  Transactions are handled by Nayax, manufacturer of the acceptor.  Money is deposited to your account using a secure money transfer system.  Available with Vantage Bill Acceptors or stand alone.  Can be added to some units as an aftermarket upgrade.  As with any bank card, transactions are subject to monthly charges and usage fees.  Works using cell service (no extra charge).  Cellular access is required.    Lead time: 2/4 weeks.